Friday, 24 February 2012


In the last couple of weeks the issue of baby movement has come up.

Can i feel it? 
Is it strong? 
Is it frequent?

Well the answer was usually 'not really feel it and if i do once in a while'.

Then came the issue of severe heartburn. So i decided to go on a milk versus water diet. And then an explosion occurred. Baby started somersaulting non- stop. And i do mean non-stop!!!

I can hardly catch a breath before i feel the grinding rotation and staining of muscles. I can even see the nice 360 degree rotational movements. Talk about surprise!!

My only fear now is this. If milk makes the baby hyper, am i ever going to sleep once he/she is here? 

O Lord my God PLEASE give unto me a restful child. 

Monday, 20 February 2012


So i understand men are really from another planet than women. We read different meanings into the same statements. 

It is so weird that sometimes you think you are going crazy. You wonder 'How can he act so clueless'? At this point you remember ohhhhhh not a girl.

It is frustrating getting to the middle ground of understanding. Trying not to get your emotions hurt or hurting his (Trust me he has them even though he may hide them most of the time).

Sometimes you wonder what was i getting upset about? Other times you are a dog in a manger and wont let issues go. 

These pregnancy hormones are so not helping. Coupled with the fact that i have not had a hubby hug in a while. Travelling is really the pits. Temporary separation really does take it's toll. I don't know how many young couples do it these days. It is fine when you are dating but once married it a whole new ballgame. 

I love being hugged and tickled.
I love those quiet secret smiles.
I love the mug of hot chocolate in the morning.
I love the occasional bed in breakfast.
I love the dates on a weekend.
I love the way he holds me when i am sleeping.
I love the way he walks beside the road on the sidewalk.
I love the way he wants to slay all my dragons.

Ohhhh how i love my husband.

Baby you have a wonderful father. Even though we may sometimes have our differences of opinion or misunderstandings, i will never regret my choice. When you come out you will see.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


The experiment of the day. What music does baby like?

So i woke up this morning to this grand idea to find what the baby likes.
My inspiration? Heart in the box. Trust me only a Grey's anatomy fan would understand the reasoning.

The simple explanation is if i play something the baby likes i feel kicking and dancing. lol.

Not sure if it worked but so far the baby likes an eclectic mix of Glee, Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Rod Stewart, Third day, Cademon Call, D'Banj, Nikki Laoye, etc.

See my problem? It is not a single genre. It is a very scary mix that does not seem to make sense. Sigh. From now on baby is just going to listen to the ipod on shuffle and thats that.

I love you little me. Stay nice and snug till we meet. 
Happy 26 weeks!!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


The baby started moving this week!!! yay!!
I am please to say that the different pains have stopped. (At least for now).

On the separate note, i hate some of the doctors i have seen recently. They have the sensitivity of goats. Honestly you would think they were brought up in the jungle. 

This is the most vulnerable time in a woman's life. She needs her questions answered in a calm reassuring manner. All i got was a rushed don't waste my time reply to all my questions. That absolutely sucked.

I have decided little babe and i are in God's hands. No one else's. This is God's way of making sure that no doctor shares in HIS glory.

Till next time, here is me incubating!!

Saturday, 7 January 2012


God is really THE I AM for every situation. I am so grateful Lord. The pain in my left side is gone. 

Thank God who made paracetamol and inspired us to discover it.

Thank God who allowed it to work in my situation.

Thank God who wont give me more than i can bear. 

Jehovah Effizy!! You are too much. All gbosas to you.

My appeitite has returned with a bang but i am being careful so i dont put on too much weight. I have not felt the kicks yet but someday soon my little precious will kick.

Then will my mouth be filled with laughter, and my tongue with singing: then will i say among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for me. (Psalm 126:2).

Thank you Lord for bringing me safely to this halfway point. I am trusting you to take both of us to the finish line safely.


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Why do people hide the truth?

Here i am 19 weeks pregnant and boy have i discovered things.

I think the reason the pregnant community hides the truth is because if anyone found out our race would go extinct.
The first trimester was a breeze. The usual morning sickness that everyone tells you about. 
Eating weird things. (Mine was hot chilli).
General tiredness.
And funny funny a blocked nose.

For the blocked nose my kind doctors refused to give me anything for a few days even though i was slowly suffocating. Only when it looked like my death was imminent (which would affect the baby) did i get a prescription for an over the counter med which sorted me out in a day.

Now i am in my second trimester and what i have is this nasty pain in my side that wont go away plus loss of appetite. 
Also i am experiencing something called sciatica which is where the nerves in my ass are killing me as well.
As usual the doctors don't have anything to give me except paracetamol. 

The first question they have is "Are you bleeding?" and if you are not, then there is nothing seriously wrong with you. It's like you don't exist and all the care if for the baby. Your pain or comfort means nothing. It's like your body has been taken over by an alien but all everyone cares about is how to make said alien comfortable, happy and healthy. I would just like to come first sometimes. sigh.

All in all i feel crappy and i am going to be using this wonderful blog as my outlet.

Just like it says it is my journey to the cradle.